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Led by Mr. Offir Manor, a biotechnology engineer with over 20 years of experience in the field of recombinant proteins development and production as well as cell culture media products.

After 10 years on the bench, developing production processes and manufacturing these products, he made a shift to the business side. International business development and management of multi-million-dollar budgets in biological reagents and pharmaceutical/biotech industries with special expertise of managing multiple number of distributors and all aspects of distribution, globally.

Through all these years, he has been built step by step, a very large network of strong business connections with leading manufacturers from all over the world. The company has since evolved to build a significant and smart algorithm-based database, enables to target almost any product in the field. Over the years we have assisted a variety of companies locate the same critical component for their operations.We are getting better all the time!

Today, the main focus is on the Cultured-meat Industry that has evolved, at least partially from stem cell research as well as developments in the cell therapy industry. He served these industries for many years, knowing any aspects of their needs. After these years he was looking to find a more meaningful path while still using all the knowledge and skills he has accumulated. The Cultured-Meat industry was a natural and obvious choice. This is his way to join the movement of changing the way people consume food. Holding the hope to harness his capabilities to bring the cultured-meat industry faster to a price parity with animal farming which is far from being efficient and causes a lot of suffer.