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Bio-Lead The bridge between seekers, Innovators and Drug Manufacturers

As a data-driven company, the heart of our company is the database supported by an algorithm, giving us the ability to source a wide range of GMP / non-GMP Protein Reagents (Recombinant Growth Factors & Cytokines etc. as well as Plasma-derived), APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) of Biosimilars, Injectables, Vaccines and Generic drugs and the related Drug Products, small molecules and technologies for faster go to market and portfolio expansion while gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.

We serve a variety of industries

Bio-Lead blends the best human intelligence with cutting edge technology:

By mapping the entire pharma industry, we are able to generate smart outcomes and expose business opportunities.

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Case studies

Case 1: Drug Substances (API) Alternative Suppliers

Case 2: Pharma/Biotech Companies seeking to expand Distribution Channels and/or Open New Markets

Case 3: Government Health Authorities Seeking sources for drugs with limited sources/ on shortage

Case 4: Pharma/Biotech companies who seek API or FDF for repurposing

Case 5: Reference/Comparator Drugs for clinical trials or drug development

Case 6: Pharma companies/Distributors seeking to in-License innovative technologies

Case 7: Cell Culture Media Manufacturers/Stem Cell, Cell Therapy and Cultivated-Meat Companies

Case 8: Supply of critical protein reagent in the biopharmaceutical industry

Case 9: Sourcing and supply of a critical component in formulation of various vaccines

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